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As an avid swimmer and now water aerobics convert, I have always had a difficult time finding a swimsuit that provided enough coverage AND support and was streamlined enough to swim in. I used to swim competitively throughout high school and a bit in college, so I always had to pray that the team swimsuit would fit right. Here is what I look for when buying a swimsuit.

Check out Busty Blues' recommended bra size swimsuits that come in at least a DD cup.

Basic Swimsuit Fit Criteria
1. How to determine your size.
As a former lifeguard, I can tell you that the biggest mistake that I saw many women make was wearing a swimsuit that was too big. A proper fitting suit should feel almost too small. Don't worry, it will stretch out. Some retailers such as Nordstrom and Figleaves will recommend what size you should order based on your bra or dress size. For example, Nordstrom's recommends getting the sexy "Utopia" Halter Tank swimsuit by Miraclesuit icon in one size larger than your normal dress size. From my experience, I have found that these recommendations are very reliable. If no size recommendations are available, I recommend starting with your regular dress size and perhaps go up one size and down one size to find the best fitting swimsuit.
Miraclesuit Oceanus in DD Cup
DD Oceanus Swimsuit at
2. Have enough coverage in all the important places.
You don't want to give everyone a free show when you dive into the pool or push off a wall. The two critical swimsuit areas that large chested women should be concerned about are pointed out in the picture to the right. First, you want to make sure that the top part (turquoise arrow) is not too low cut. Secondly, make sure there is enough coverage in the bust area underneath your arms (red arrow). This spot is largely overlooked. You can test the "underarm side" coverage by raising your arms with the suit on. A proper fitting swimsuit will not have any overflow when you lower your arms.
3. You should only be able to pull the straps up to the bottom of your earlobes.
This is the classic swimsuit fit criteria. If you can pull the straps of your suit above your ears, it is too loose and you need a smaller sized bathing suit.
4. And, most importantly, make sure the bust area looks good on you.
Just like bras need to provide the right support, good swimsuits need to, too. One of the biggest problems that I find with most swimsuits available in department stores these days is that they all have "built in boobs", that is, soft cup bras that fit the "average" woman, but not the well endowed ones like you and me. In many ways, a good fitting swimsuit is even more important that a good fitting bra because after all, that's all you're wearing when you're lying out on the beach or by the pool! Another thing to watch out for is shelf bras. To me, nothing is worse than the elastic cutting my breasts in half making me look like I have double boobs. Good thing I've found some great DD cup swimsuits!
  Bandeau Tankini by Lands End
D Cup Adjustable Tankini at

Are you looking for more bra size swimsuits? Figleaves, one of my favorite online bra stores, sells a variety of swim suits that come in large cup bra sizes. You can search for bathing suits by your bra size.

My Competition Swimsuit Reviews 

Zoggs Bondi Sports Swimsuit (distributed by
It's no LZR Racer, but now I can work out in the pool in a competition swimsuit that fits and supports!  Austrailian swimsuit maker Zoggs makes a new bra sized competition swimsuit that comes in sizes D through G cup that even comes with a built-in shelf bra.  Unlike fashion swimsuits, you probably want to order your regular competitive swimsuit size and then order a larger cup size for the best fit.

 Large Cup Bra Sized Competition Swimsuit
Nike Fast Back Swimsuit (distributed by Jantzen Canada)
My favorite and best fitting swimsuit is made by Nike. Again like bras, you have to try it on and see what feels the best on you, but I love the Nike Fast Back swim suits. This swimsuit is great because it has wide straps and plenty of coverage in the two key places I mentioned above. Although I usually buy the solid color fast back suit, the great thing about competition swimwear is that each company only makes a handful of actual styles, usually called "backs". Many times the swimsuits just vary in the patterns of the fabric they are made of, not the actual fit and cut. So if you find a competition style that you like, you can buy other swimsuits by the same company that have the same "back".
TYR Maxback
Although TYR boasts the thickest fabrics for their suits, I don't think it is a very good competition swimsuit for large breasted women. The TYR Maxback swimsuits have significantly lower cut tops than similar styles by Speedo and Nike. While it may work well for those less endowed, it does not provide enough coverage for us well-endowed and over-endowed women in both key places I mentioned in #2 above. (It failed the "outside bust" test for me.) I have not tried their TYR Spa line of swim suits.
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