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When searching for plus size bridal lingerie for my wedding earlier this year, I thought to myself, "Do women with big boobs not get married?" I mean, if you do a search for "plus size bridal lingerie", most sites don't carry bridal lingerie with cup sizes greater than D and rarely DD. Lucky for me, I had my wedding dress custom made so that hiding straps was not an issue, but finding the proper "foundation" was. I searched and searched online, but could not find any body suit type foundation garments with large cup sizes. So before I went to go get measured for my dress, I headed for Nordstrom. (Can you tell I love their lingerie department?) The woman who helped me confirmed my findings. Lingerie manufacturers do not make one-piece foundation wear for larger cup sizes. However, she recommended a two-piece approach that ended up working out great.

I ended up buying and wearing the Wacoal Full Figure Seamless Wire Bodysuede Ultra (#85814) along with the TC Fine Shapewear High-Waist Thigh Trimmer icon. (Both in the nude color, of course.)


Wacoal Full Figure Seamless Wire Bodysuede Ultra (#85814)icon TC Fine Shapewear High-Waist Thigh Trimmericon

The TC Thigh Trimmer goes all the way up to right below the bra -- a lot higher than what it seems like in the photo above -- so I got full coverage. In order to avoid unsightly lines because my dress was very sheer, I sewed my bra onto the TC Thigh Trimmer. This allowed for two things - to keep the Thigh Trimmer from slipping down (although it is pretty good about staying up on it's own) and to eliminate the bulge between the bra band and the top of the thigh trimmer. In addition, something I didn't think of before, because the thigh trimmer went all the way down past my thighs, it allowed for one long line - no panty lines or weird waist bulges to deal with!

Then after my wedding, I just took out my stitches to separate the bra and thigh trimmer (which is why I don't have a photo) and have gotten plenty of uses of both since. The only drawback to sewing the thigh trimmer to my bra was that it was a pain to go to the bathroom - I had to basically take everything off and then have my sister help me to get everything back on. True, this solution definitely wasn't the sexiest thing, but it kept everything in place and did its job so I could look great in my dress on my wedding day.

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